The Pró-Sangue Foundation, pioneer in technics of collecting and relationship with donors, has got highlight once again and in 1998 was the first public blood bank to have an Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman's function, as the name indicates, is listening to people's suggestions, critiques, opinions and until praise about our attendance and forward, when necessary, to the responsible area, follow and require provides, if necessary.

All of this is made quickly and simple in order to the donor has a fast return. The Pró-Sangue's intention with this service is keep an effective dialog with whose it has got more interest: You, donor.

Pró-Sangue Ombudsman

Dr. Enéas de Carvalho Aguiar Avenue, 155, 1st floor, room 158

São Paulo - Zip-code: 05403-000

Phone: 3061-5544. Ext. 203

Ombudsman: Adriana Luciene Galeazzi Lima



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