Body of Volunteers


Disseminate the culture of voluntary blood donation among the population.


  • » Supporting the Pró-Sangue Foundation in spreading the culture of voluntary blood donation in volunteer donors and funding community.

  • » Addressing blood donors and register potential donors of platelets.

  • » Promoting blood donation as Act of citizenship and solidarity.

Volunteers’ Profile

The concepts of solidarity and citizenship shall be present in all actions of the volunteer. The volunteer commitment is critical, given the seriousness of the work developed in the effort for that misinformation and prejudice, enemies of the formation of voluntary blood donation culture in the country, to be tackled.

This job requires a great sense of responsibility, which translates into attendance, punctuality and commitment necessary for the proper performance of the tasks.

Another important aspect for the success of the work is that concepts such as order, discipline and hierarchy are preserved, in order to ensure the success of the project.

Finally, we must remember that the strength of a team is always greater than the individual strength and enhance unity and harmony among the members of the body of volunteers.

Corpo de Voluntários

Recruitment and Supervision

It is the coordination of Volunteers to ensure the cohesion, support, encouragement, accountability, and structuring of volunteer work.

To be admitted, the candidate should complete registration form, interview with the coordination and follow a training period (experience) of 90 days, at least once a week, and minimum period of 4 hours.

The formation and training of the volunteers are made by the Body of Volunteers Coordination with the participation of the volunteers.


Phone: 3061.5544 - Ext: 377

Examples of struggles for the Voluntary Blood Donation

In 1939, has arrived in Brazil Mrs. Leonora Carlota Osório, from Austria. Embracing the volunteerism, joined the Red Cross where she did her best against the blood trade and the encouragement of voluntary and altruist blood donation. On November 25th, she founded the Associação Brasileira de Doadores Voluntários de Sangue (ABDVS) – Brazilian Association of Voluntary Blood Donors. She has been awarded in 30 countries and has received the title of FIODS (Federação Internacional das Organizações de Doadores Voluntários de Sangue – International Federation of Voluntary Blood Donors Organizations).

After 48 years of struggle for the cause, Carlota died in Brazil with 83 years, leaving established in national calendar the national day of voluntary Blood Donor, celebrated on November 25th, and followers for the cause of blood as Maria Ivone Carraro de Mendonça, who has continued the work in Brasilia and, in 1997, summoned a group of soroptimists ladies (service Club) to start in similar work at Fundação Pró-Sangue Hemocentro de São Paulo. Thus, volunteering for the blood has taken looming.

The Body of Volunteers was one of the 115 social organizations awardee by the Voluntarism Center of São Paulo, in 2011, with the PARTNER ORGANIZATION’S SEAL.

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