External CollectionsPró-Sangue offers collecting at companies, universities, schools and communities

Pró-Sangue offers a program of External Collecting blood donation.

Conceived in 1995, the service conducts campaigns in partnership with businesses, universities, schools and communities.

Those interested in this service should contact the Division of Transfusion Medicine of Pró-Sangue to get technical guidance on the infrastructure and conditions necessary for the realization of collection.

Among the requirements, it is recommended that institutions form groups from 60 people, and that institutions have a proper installation: a well-lit and ventilated area, at least 100 m² with water fountain and restrooms. The place must contain a minimum furniture that includes tables, chairs and trash cans.

Pró-Sangue provide a van, a team of doctors, nurses, biologists, technicians and administrative assistants, snack, chairs and equipment for donation.

Completed the prerequisites, interested parties can make an appointment with Dra. Sandra Esposti, who manages the available dates. The place intended is inspected and approved in advance by professional technicians. On the agreed date, the team moves to the place to collect the bags of blood.

The External Service of Pró-Sangue Collection works on Tuesdays and on Thursdays.

Further information can be obtained from Dra. Sandra Esposti, medical responsible for External Collection at Pró-Sangue on the phone 3061-5544 extension 376 or 215, Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 13 pm, or by e-mail

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